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The Pen is Mightier



First Graders Remind Us That Anyone Can Change Their World

The first grade students in my school are writing. They wrote a persuasive essay, which was passed from hand to hand, until it reached local government. They asked for a playground for the big recess yard in our school. They gave reasons and suggestions, and they learned that even the littlest people can make a big difference with their words. The school was given a 3.1 million dollar grant for the playground of its students’ dreams. Just a quick reminder that we ALL can make a difference.

Words are powerful. Use them wisely and with care. #amwriting0BEBD9FF-E593-4C4F-8772-841685A836B0.jpeg

My Mentors


Holly Black liked my tweet the other day! #bucketlist and I’ll tell you why-

Because, before I was a writer, I was a reader. I’m still a reader. My goodreads challenge for this year is 60 books! And it would be more if I didn’t at least want to pretend to have a life.

I read books and give massive mental props to amazing authors. I want to start celebrating these authors more often on my blog. Holly Black is someone who inspires me. Her Curseworker series was an amazingly fun and unique delight to read. I wanted to live in those characters’ world long after that third book ended. I felt the same with Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows.

So, just a huge shout out to the authors who inspire me. Drop me a comment if you’d like- which authors inspire you? What’s the last world you found it difficult to pull away from?

Waaahhhh! I can’t read the present tense!


So, just wanted to put it out there…finally admit…accept the fact that…


I guess I’ve been told to live in the moment, and that’s a great motto. But reading in the moment is an entirely different beast. It seems counterintuitive that present tense makes me feel so much less connected to the characters and story, but there it is.

I wonder. I seek. I turn each page trying to understand…

Why doesn’t that work for me the way: I wondered. I sought. I turned each page trying to understand?

Ansolutely. No. clue.

Now, don’t get me wrong…some amazing  writers write amazing books in present tense. They’re just not for me. Then there are books like the Fever series, which I loved! The only issue was that occasionally my lovely, comfy past tense place in the world would suddenly sift all fae-like to present tense? -all Willy-nilly. The nerve!


Anyone else with tense issues?


And on that note: The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.

Sorry! 😂😂😂 Couldn’t help myself.


When I am deeply involved in a book, the characters are my everything. I love, hate, and side with or against them. I pour my heart and soul into their outcomes and become more invested in their emotional well-being than my own. I fall into them. That is how a great character is written, like a temporary lover, enemy, or bestie.

I know I’m enjoying the book I’m reading if I’m unable to stop myself from yelling at my husband if he interrupts me.  For that brief tryst with the characters I meet, their world is more real to me than my own.