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YOUR WRITING STYLE: I love to take the villain’s perspective, and explore the flaws of human nature through a new lens. Psychology fascinates me and I often explore that in a roundabout way through my writing.
WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE AS A WRITER? I feel like I can grasp a lot of unique perspectives because I have seen the world through a lot of different experiences. I’ve tried many things and played many roles in my life.
WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU? I am totally inspired by amazing writers who worldbuild, like Brandon Sanderson, Susan Cooper and JRR Tolkein. I am also amazed by superb characters and fascinating takes on psychology (like Lord of the Flies).
WHAT CONSTITUTES A GREAT NOVEL? A great novel makes me connect to the characters in a way that makes me mourn their loss when the book is over.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT THE WRITING PROCESS? I love that moment at night when my head hits the pillow and I start thinking about where my story will go next. Then I wait through work and until I put the kids to bed the next day before I can finally get the words down.



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